Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another Kosher Subway Restaurant

Kosher-SubwayMy wife and I ate at the Kosher Subway restaurant located at the Cleveland Ohio JCC a few months ago when we were in town for the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces and Cleveland Cavaliers/Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball game. In addition to getting the chance to see our friend Rabbi Steve Weiss of B'nai Jeshurun, we really enjoyed being able to order a meatball and [parve] "cheese" sub and a sub loaded with delicious deli meats.

I thought it was much better than the Subway experience I remember from Jerusalem in 1996 when there was still a Subway restaurant on Jaffa Street downtown.

Kosher-SubwayWell, it looks like a new Subway restaurant is set to open this April in Los Angeles.

Hopefully there will be more Kosher Subway restaurants opening soon in Jewish communities like Chicago, Atlanta or Detroit.

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Unknown said...

Hello, I am the webmaster for Los Angeles Glatt Kosher Subway. Would you please hyperlink to our website?

I see you have added us to this page...thank you very much!