Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Allstate's Good Hands Rescue App Launches

My interest was piqued when I was recently contacted by Allstate to tell me about their new on-demand, pay-per-use roadside service app. After all, in a few more years I'll have a teen with a driver's license and Allstate's mobile app sounds like something that will give me some added peace of mind when he's driving on his own. When Allstate asked if I'd be interested in interviewing Jerry Ferrara ("Turtle" on HBO's "Entourage"), its celebrity ambassador for the Good Hands Rescue app, I was all in.

Jerry (it's difficult not to call him "Turtle") is now on the Starz show "Power" and loving life. Unlike his TV alter ego, however, he won't just endorse any product. He really seems to believe in the Good Hands Rescue app and I can understand why. There's no one who isn't hassled and nervous standing on the side of the road with car trouble. In the 21st century a car breaking down is certainly less common than a generation or two ago, but a flat tire can happen to anyone. During my interview with Ferrara I was reminded that back in the winter on my way to the airport early in the morning I hit a block of ice and got a flat tire. Even with roadside assistance, we waited for a long time and missed our flight. I had no way of checking to see how long it would take for help to arrive. Allstate's Good Hands Rescue app is a game changer.

This is a free app from Allstate that allows consumers to pay only when they need a rescue service, which completely removes the membership fee usually associated with similar services. Think of this as like Uber for roadside mishaps, as users can get real-time updates through a smartphone to confirm service and an accurate ETA.

Allstate Good Hands Rescue App

As Ferrara pointed out in the interview (video below), more than half of the millennials planning to drive to their Thanksgiving destination will drive two hours or more and this increases the chances of a mishap on the road. As Thanksgiving approaches, Allstate's Good Hands Rescue mobile app will take much of the stress out of traveling by giving away $2 roadside rescues on the busiest travel day of the year, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (November 23). These rescues usually estimate $69 for a jump, tire change or fuel, and $99 for a tow, but all of these services will be just $2 on November 23, which is sure to help generate a lot of buzz for the Allstate Good Hands Rescue app.

You can pay per use and the Good Hands Rescue® service can be used by anyone, not just Allstate customers.The service uses GPS technology to connect any driver in need with a dispatched service provider, relieving drivers from describing their location and generating transparency into the estimated time of arrival. As soon as help is dispatched, motorists can receive a service confirmation with the roadside provider's estimated time of arrival and can track the provider's en route status.
Allstate's Good Hands Rescue service is available as an app for free (download from the Apple Store or Google Play Store), or via the mobile website.

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