Saturday, June 18, 2011

Adon Olam to Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here

Adon Olam is the quintessential Jewish prayer in perfect meter, which means it can be set to just about any tune. This strictly metrical hymn is sung to end just about every Shabbat morning service which means it is not only popular, but many know the words by heart.

I've heard hundreds of versions of Adon Olam over the years and my favorite has always been the "Centerfold" tune sung to the famous J. Geils Band song. That is, until I heard this version by Pardes set to the tune of "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd. Enjoy!


tfeder said...

Loved camp here in Brazil, we used to sing Adon Olam with Carnaval melodies, but Pink Floyd is the best...thanks, Ted Feder Sao Paulo, Brazil

rachel kapen said...

Pink Floyd version is fine, however, in my opinion the most beautiful one is Uzi Hitman's Z'L the Israeli gifted song writer.