Saturday, February 21, 2015

10 Years of YouTube Viral Videos

YouTube has revolutionized so many industries, not the least of which is education. We have the ability to learn so much thanks to our ability to upload videos to YouTube. Need to learn how to use a computer software application like Photoshop? Look on YouTube. Need to know how to change the oil in your car? There's a YouTube video for that. You can learn to play guitar, cricket or chess simply by watching a YouTube video. When it comes to religion, YouTube has removed the borders that once existed. I call this the globalization of the Internet and the YouTube video has played a monumental part. YouTube has certainly been one of the Internet's "killer apps" in the past decade.

As I learned firsthand in December 2011, YouTube videos can also be the format to express your opinion about social issues... or a particular politician. The YouTube video of my parody of Rick Perry's offensive campaign commercial has been viewed over 231,000 times. Some might say that it went viral, but it certainly didn't go as viral as some of the most popular YouTube videos of all time, with a couple of those being viewed over a billion times.

The Verge put together a compilation of the evolution of ten years of the YouTube viral video. Watch the video below:

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Rachel,Kapen said...

Your parody is is delightful and very appropriate. It demonstrate your hidden talent as a comedian. Thank you for reposting it.