Friday, March 11, 2011

Isla Fisher Wants to Be a Rabbi

Music Rooms reports that the actress Isla Fisher ("Wedding Crashers"), the wife of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, joked that after converting to Judaism she now wants to become a rabbi.

Isla became engaged to the comedian in 2004, and studied for three years before completing her conversion in early 2007. The 35-year-old star took on the Hebrew name Ayala, the Hebrew word for Doe. Isla has joked she is so enamoured with the religion that she’s thinking of becoming a rabbi. 
“You study, then have a test. In fact, I’m thinking of becoming a mohel. [Pause] If you knew what a mohel was, you’d laugh. It’s a rabbi who circumcises boys,” she told the April edition of Elle.

Perhaps before becoming a rabbi, Fisher should watch this video, made by YouTube user CFIDSgurl using xtranormal.


Anonymous said...

The video is very funny. And sobering. I had a conversation a few months ago with my rabbi in which I shared that I am considering studying to become a rabbi. Fortunately, his response was more upbeat than the response given in this video. But this video does put the enormity of the choice into pretty clear focus.

Chris in MN

Anonymous said...

Maybe when she becomes a rabbi she will learn that conversion for the sake of marriage is forbidden and furthurmore the Torah forbids a Kohain from marrying a convert.