Friday, October 29, 2010

Star-Studded American Jewish World Service Public Service Announcement

I often hear complaints that Jewish organizations don't market themselves well. Even when they try to be cool and attract the younger demographic, they often fail by being hokey or forcing the humor.

Well, the American Jewish World Service has solved that problem. The solution is as simple as having Judd Apatow round up his A-List celeb friends and giving them a hilarious script to read on camera. And that's exactly what Apatow did for the 25th anniversary of the American Jewish World Service, which celebrated that milestone as well as the 70th birthday of the AJWS director Ruth Messinger at a $1,000 per ticket event at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

The video is extremely funny, but it's also a bit racy with some of comedian Sarah Silverman's patented minority humor. For that reason (and probably a few others), the public service announcement begins with a disclaimer that it is not approved by AJWS.

I considered listing my favorite parts of the PSA, but there are just too many. The video includes Don Johnson, Gilbert Gottfried, Sarah Silverman, John Mayer, Jerry Seinfeld, Susan Sarandon, Sir Patrick Stewart, Andy Samberg, Ken Jeong, Tracy Morgan, Helen Hunt, Dane Cook, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Denis Leary, Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog (Yes, he's Jewish!), and many others.

Watch the entire video to the end so you don't miss celebrities trying to speak Yiddish, Ben Stiller suggesting to rename the organization "JAWS" to get publicity on Discovery Channel's Shark Week, Brian Williams attempting a Tevye impersonation, and Lindsey Lohan shouting "Challah!"

Okay, here's the video:

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Amy G. said...

I saw this ad for the AJWS on Facebook. I thought it was a spoof for a fictitious organization. Especially with the disclaimer at the beginning. OOps. Sad world we live in that I didn't even believe the work of the AJWS to be real.