Thursday, December 06, 2007

Light From Left to Right

There's a great new animation from the Jewish Robot (AKA Ben Baruch; AKA William Levin) on the My Jewish Learning website to teach how to light the Hanukkah candles (see below). This is the first in a new series of viral marketing animations called "The Adventures of Todd and God." It's great that Levin's using his creative talents to deliver Jewish learning through new media.

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Rabbi David Glickman said...

This cartoon strikes me as the smart kid in class trying too hard to be cool. I guess it is pretending to be counter-cultural and subversive by making God an African-American, gold-toothed cigar smoker. This smacks of an insider trying to act like an outsider to teach the outsider what the insider thinks he should know. When trying to reach the elusive X, Y, Millenials, us establishment folk (though often the same age as target audience produce something we think they think will be funny — hence the South Park meets Hanukkah web-video that Hayim sent. IT is neither as funny as South Park, nor giving any real meaning behind Hanukkah that anyone would find particularly relevant to their lives except that you light left to right.

I have liked some films by Jewish robot, such as the ubiquitous Rosh Hashanah girl video (RH Girl: .

-David Glickman