Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Leah Kauffman

Leah Kauffman - Crush on ObamaOne more Jew who should have made the Forward 50 list in my opinion is Leah Kauffman. The 21-year-old Jewish woman who wrote "I Got a Crush on Obama" (over 4 million views on YouTube) now stars in her own video to the song she wrote and performs about Ann Coulter ("Perfected: The Ann Coulter Song"). Leah's song is the best response to Ann Coulter's "Jews need to be perfected" comments yet. Leah is a very talented musician (her songs are on her MySpace page) who also wrote and sings "I like a Boy," a tribute song to the U.S. troops. The website BarelyPolitical.com has a video of Leah performing her parody songs live, including her hilarious spoof of the famous Justin Timberlake video from Saturday Night Live.

Leah's "Crush on Obama" song even led to Birthright Israel alum Michelle Citrin's "Rosh Hashanah Girl."

The JTA article about Leah Kauffman is here and below is Leah performing her Ann Coulter song:

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Leah Kauffman definitely should have been included in the Forward 50 list. What talent and wit!!!