Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jewish Wisdom for Facebook

Jacob RichmanEveryone knows that Facebook is Jewish and that Facebook has changed Jewish life on campus, but now computer programmer Jacob Richman has brought some Jewish Wisdom to the social networking site.

Jacob Richman (left) and I both launched our personal websites around the same time. I started, the precursor to, in March 1996 and Jacob started his site in April 1996. Jacob, based in Israel, has created many resourceful websites over the years including several online language tutorial videos and sites listing Jewish links on the Web.

A few months ago, he created My Hebrew Name on Facebook -- a Facebook application that enables Facebook users to list their Hebrew name in their profile. Today, Jacob Richman launched a new Facebook application called Jewish Wisdom, which lets users search over 3,000 Jewish proverbs, sayings and quotations from the Jewish Wisdom database and display favorites on their Facebook profile. The quotations in the database are taken from the Talmud, Torah, Maimonides, and Chofetz Chaim; as well as from the likes of Albert Einstein, Elie Wiesel, Ben-Gurion, Arthur Miller, Freud, Henry Kissinger, Mel Brooks, and Jerry Seinfeld.

For those few holdouts who still don't have a Facebook account, you can still access the Jewish Wisdome database at

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