Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yom Kippur was a Croc this Year

I definitely felt that my wife, kids, and I were the only ones not wearing Crocs this summer in Israel. Those weird-looking, plastic, comfy shoes have become the biggest foot fad since the Air Jordans. Ami Eden, in the JTA, reports that Crocs have taken over as the must-have shoes for Yom Kippur fashion... or at least a way to adhere to the "leather shoes are a no-no" rule. I'm going to stick with my black Chuck Taylor All-Stars for Yom Kippur. But maybe I'll get a pair of Crocs for Tisha B'Av.

The Orthodox Union even ruled that Crocs are permissible on the Day of Atonement.

Eden writes in the JTA:

From secular beachgoers in Tel Aviv to right-wing Orthodox settlers in Hebron, Crocs -- the bulbous-toed, open-back, rubber summer shoe -- already were ubiquitous in Israel. Now, reports from several synagogues across America suggest, Crocs have surpassed Chuck Taylors, Keds, flip-flops and a host of other options to become the Yom Kippur shoe in the United States.

"It was so comfortable; I couldn't believe how cushy it was," said Steinerman, who opted for the subtle suit-matching black rather than one of the flashier Crocs colors. "Converse doesn't have the right support. This was a big upgrade."

From Facebook to My Space, Internet users have discussed the Crocs-on-Yom Kippur trend. And the reviews were not all positive. [more]

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