Saturday, November 18, 2006

Googling My Name

It's always fun to see the results when one Googles one's own name.

Here's what I recently found when doing a Google search for "Rabbi Jason Miller":

1) I was named in a recent (October 2006) New Jersey Jewish News article about the Gladstein Fellowship program at the Jewish Theological Seminary, now called the Emerging Kehillah Fellowship. I was the first Gladstein Fellow.

2) In a post from January 2006, a University of Michigan student asks if anyone has taken the Introduction to Judaism course I used to teach at U-M Hillel. While no one who actually took the class responded, there are two kind responses:

2006-01-10 07:31 pm UTC (link)
No personal experience, but I've heard he's a really cool guy.

(Reply to this)

2006-01-11 12:47 pm UTC (link)
I've never taken the class, but he is the rabbi for Hillel's conservative movement, and is really good, both in giving sermons, explaining questions, or just having a casual conversation.

3) While I no longer live or work in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Jewish Community Center of Ann Arbor apparently does not know this. They list me as an honorary director of their board. This is nice, but I hope I don't have to drive from Columbus to attend any meetings!

4) A website called attempts to calculate how much each blog on the Web would be worth. Not sure how they calculate this, but I was please to learn here that this blog is currently worth $1,534.22.

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