Sunday, October 17, 2004

Equal Rights, Equal Access

We, the undersigned rabbis, applaud your recent decision to publish same-gender union ceremony announcements.

Gay and lesbian couples ought to have equal rights and equal access. It is not the responsibility of the Jewish News to make the news; it is the responsibility of the Jewish News to report the news.

Further, we oppose Proposal 2 on the November ballot. Proposal 2 is a bigoted, hateful attempt to permanently enshrine discrimination in the Michigan Constitution, forever making it illegal to provide domestic partnership benefits (including health insurance) for same-gender committed life partners and their children.
Justice demands that we use our voices of reason and charity and implores us to act vociferously against discrimination of any kind.

Rabbi Joshua Bennett
Rabbi Jonathan Berkun
Rabbi Lauren Berkun
Rabbi David Castiglione
Rabbi Ernst Conrad
Rabbi Robert Dobrusion
Rabbi Marla Hornsten
Rabbi Miriam S. Jerris
Rabbi Joseph Klein
Rabbi Joseph Krakoff
Rabbi Jennifer Kroll
Rabbi Robert Levy
Rabbi Harold Loss
Rabbi Jason Miller
Rabbi Michael Moskowitz
Rabbi David Nelson
Rabbi Daniel Nevins
Rabbi Norman Roman
Rabbi Dannel Schwartz
Rabbi Rachel Shere
Rabbi Arnie Sleutelberg
Rabbi Aaron Starr
Rabbi Daniel B. Syme
Rabbi Eric Yanoff
Rabbi Paul Yedwab

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