Thursday, June 03, 2004

Keeping it Kosher: Britney Spears accepts Madonna's Hashgacha

Madonna changes Britney's eating habits!
Originally at WebIndia123 (May 24, 2004)

Thanks to singer Madonna, there is a new change in Britney Spear's life, not in her love list, but in her diet.
The pop singer has given up the Atkins diet and taken up a Kosher food plan, reports

The 'Toxic' beauty reportedly got very impressed with Kabbalah, an aspect of Jewish mysticism, under the influence of pop star Madonna, who is a staunch follower of the faith.

After coming under media scrutiny for putting on weight, prompted Spears to change her diet plan.

"Britney is following in the footsteps of Madonna and Winona Ryder, who all stick to Kosher food. She just feels so much healthier. As well as mot of the dishes being prepared with vegetable oil, Britney also avoids eating gelatine. Britney did the Atkins diet for a while, but then thought better of it. She just can't be bothered with serious diets and would much rather stick to one routine when it comes to food," a source was quoted as saying. (ANI)

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