Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Comedy Central has some new shtick!

I just saw Adam Goldberg last night on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He was plugging his new show "The Hebrew Hammer" on Comedy Central. Andy Dick, Mario Van Peebles, Peter Coyote, and Nora Dunn are also in this show. It will air on Comedy Central on Monday, December 8 at 9:00 PM. and then be released theatrically in New York, Los Angeles and other cities beginning December 19th, to coincide with Hanukkah.

Comedy Central is calling "The Hebrew Hammer" a "Jewxploitation" picture in the vein of "Shaft." Goldberg, who announced that he is only "half-Jewish" on the Daily Show, plays the title role as a handsome Orthodox stud and man of action who is called upon to save Hanukkah. When Santa Claus' evil son Damian (Andy Dick) is pushed over the edge by his father's liberal policies, he murders the Christian patriarch and, stepping into the role, launches a nefarious worldwide campaign to eradicate the Jewish Holiday. The Hammer joins forces with Esther (Judy Greer), the gorgeous daughter of the all-powerful Jewish Justice League (Peter Coyote) to topple Damian and save Hanukkah for future generations. Mario Van Peebles co-stars as the Hammer's brother-in-arms and head of the Kwanzaa Liberation Front, while Nora Dunn plays the Hammer's mother. Mario's father, Melvin Van Peebles, makes a cameo appearance in the film as an homage to his role in creating the blaxploitation genre in the early 70's.

Oy Vey!!!

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