Sunday, December 27, 2020

How to Host an Intimate Party at Home [Sponsored]

If you have plans to host an intimate party at home for a special occasion or just to have friends over for a small gathering to relax and be with good company, it may seem a bit challenging to make the necessary preparations. Especially if you don't have hired help and intend to do things yourself. However, holding parties at home has its benefits too. Because it is intimate, you and your guests are more comfortable in familiar surroundings. You can also accommodate your guests because you probably have considered how many people you are inviting and how to make them fit into your house. Just the same, there is a warm feeling with people you care about enjoying a party in your home. And to liven up the evening, you can get to handle the bar services for you.

If you have some concerns about setting up your intimate party at home, here are some tips to help you with your preparations.

Plan in advance 

Even if you aren't expecting many guests, planning in advance will make the preparations much easier. You can start making a detailed list of things you have to do, the guests you are inviting, the ingredients for your dishes, dinnerware, invitations, etc. That list will ensure that you don't miss out on those little details that will count a lot for your party to succeed. You should send invitations early so that your guests can keep their schedule free for the affair. It is also a good decision to have the party on a weekend so you and your guests can linger and relax without worries about work the next day.

Prepare your menu

If you love to cook, coming up with an excellent menu should not be a problem. You just need to make sure that the dishes complement each other. It is also wise to prepare recipes that you have done before and enjoyed. You would not want to experiment with new dishes and discover that they are not what you expected. If you are not cooking, having your dishes catered would be a good idea. Pick out your caterer and work closely with them to come up with the perfect menu for your party. 

Have a good stock of drinks

What's a party without drinks? Wine is always the safest bet, and you can pick from a variety of choices that will complement your dishes. Mixed drinks and beer will always be welcome at any party, especially among close friends. It would be best if you also had non-alcoholic beverages on-hand for guests who prefer them. Have some snacks available, too, so everyone can munch on them while enjoying their drinks before or after dinner.

Provide the right atmosphere

You need not go overboard with the decor, but flowers on the dinner table will look lovely. You can also have scented candles that always set the mood. Have some carefully picked music playing in the background for the perfect intimate party atmosphere.

When guests arrive, make sure that you enjoy the party to the fullest. You deserve it after the hard work you put in.


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