Thursday, October 29, 2020

Ways Spotify’s Jewish Music Makes Me Feel Like a Kid Again [Guest Post]

While growing up in a devoted Jewish family, music was everywhere. Whenever there was a celebration or a special family gathering, someone would start a tune and the others would follow. Sabbath meals would never go by without singing. Most of my family was tone-deaf, but that didn’t bother us from enjoying Jewish music. It was one of the links that bonded us together. Now, when I bring memories of my family alive, they are always related to specific songs. 

But as I grew up, I forgot all about that tradition. I moved away and I was rarely present at family gatherings. After a year of terrible personal loss, I instinctively reconnected with all my cousins and uncles. At one occasion, we all started singing. Suddenly, my entire childhood came alive. I started searching for Jewish songs and I figured out how to download music on Spotify. Music became an important part of my healing process. 

How Spotify’s Jewish Music Reconnected Me with My Childhood

Music Brings Back Memories

When I got back to my empty apartment after that family trip, I felt inspired to do something for the first time in months. An idea came to my mind: I’ll search for some Jewish music online. Maybe it will calm me down like it used to do. Maybe it would help me feel that connection again, so I’ll know that I never stand alone. 

Imagine my surprise when I discovered Uncle Moishy on Spotify. That reminded me of all the cassette tapes that my father used to buy: MBD, Country Yossi, Naomi Shemer, Megama… and I found most of this music on Spotify. I needed my cousin’s and Google’s help to retrieve all the names and tunes from my memory, but I ended up with a collection of Jewish music that helped me reconnect with my old self.          

Music Calms Me Down

In my early childhood, music served as a pacifier. Whenever I was nervous, sad, or refusing to go to sleep, my mother would choose one of those cassettes and play some “safe” music, as she would call it. I remember how it made me happy, calm, and sure that everything was going to be alright. 

Jewish Music Helped Me Build an Identity

As I was growing up, music got another purpose for my family: it helped them teach me how to identify as a Jewish. All songs helped me develop a connection to the Hebrew language and Israelian culture. It’s the part of my heritage that I tried to suppress when I grew up and started trying to look cool. But it was always there, and it was in the time of personal loss when I realized how much I needed that part of myself back. 

It Makes Me Curious

I created several Spotify playlists revolving around Jewish music. This doesn’t mean I’ll delete my entire Pink Floyd library. It’s also a part of my identity. But I’ll never allow myself to lose this deep connection with the values my family helped me develop. Oh; and I rediscovered Leonard Cohen, who was my sister’s favorite during her teenage years. I was a rebel who thought Cohen’s music was boring. Now, it’s the Spotify playlist I keep going back to. 

In a Symbolic Sense, Jewish Music Helped Me Find Myself

Yes; I was lost. During that dark period of my life, I felt utterly alone and helpless. That family reunion reminded me of the joy and spirit I used to feel as a young child. I realized that it wasn’t just the childhood years that made me happy. It was the community. Music was a big part of that community, and Spotify helped me to rediscover it. 

What Does Jewish Music Mean to You?

Jewish music is a generic concept that’s hard to define. It has transformed over the years, and each generation has its own understanding of the term. But when you hear it, you know what it is. It has its way of bringing you back to your roots.

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