Thursday, August 12, 2021

The Best Pre-Wedding Photo Concepts

 Pre-wedding photography, also known as the engagement shoot, occurs three to six months before the wedding date. The benefits and importance of availing of this service remain debatable to this day. A pre-wedding shoot may be helpful in a lot of ways. An engagement shoot would help the photographer gauge your tastes, habits, and connection as a couple. They can translate this into photos that embodies your lifestyle and the aesthetics that you value. In return, the engagement shoot is also a chance for you as a couple and the photographer to build rapport. The pre-wedding shoot will come in handy if the same professional will take photos for the wedding day itself. As a result, the photographer has ample time to be artistic and apply settings that can be flattering to the bride and groom.

A pre-wedding photo roll must capture the individuality of the couple and the relationship. It must tell a story, and the emotions must translate into photos that last a lifetime. There are hundreds of concepts to choose from, but essentially one concept must encompass both love stories and feelings. Here are pre-wedding concept ideas to get inspiration from.

The traditional

The traditional concept highlights the couple’s cultural roots and heritage. It is best practice for traditional wedding photography to select a place that embodies your history. Choose elements like antique furniture, cultural attire, mosques, or native characters and alphabet on luxury wedding stationery. Black and white or sepia-toned photos enhance the genuine and authentic vibe of the concept.

The casual

The casual concept takes on a modest and straightforward approach. Couples usually take scenes from their first meeting or first date. Some showcase their shared hobbies like hiking, diving, or race car driving.

The indigenous

In recent years, the indigenous concept has gained traction and became a trend. The indigenous concept utilizes candid photography as couples go about their activities. This concept fits engaged couples that are awkward in posing for photos. The shoot is natural and effortless. Commission photographers are skilled in this concept because it takes a higher technical skillset to carry out this concept.

The glamorous

The opposite of the casual is one for fancy dresses and grand backdrops, the glamorous concept. This idea is for the elegant and sophisticated couple. There is an air of class and cosmopolitan lifestyle in every photo. Usually, a formal designer gown is a focal point or an iconic landmark like the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty.

The thematic

A thematic engagement shoot focuses on a theme that the couple will choose. Usually, it embodies the couple and the relationship, like a cinematic theme. Generally, it has something to do with interests, line of work, and whatnot. The thematic concept samples are vintage, bohemian, the 50s, or travel. The wardrobe and attire evoke the general idea of the shoot.

Photos are one of the crucial elements of a wedding. It documents and captures all the memories you have as a couple and the wedding celebration on the day. Ultimately, pre-wedding photos are a worthwhile investment, as no amount of money in the world can buy happy memories and life milestones.

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