Friday, May 06, 2016

Tips for the Frugal Kosher Traveler (Sponsored)

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At least once per year, everyone gets the desire to take a vacation to somewhere fun and intriguing. There are plenty of obstacles that can get in the way of planning and enjoying a vacation: work schedule, family life and finances are all things that have to be juggled in order to get away for a few days. Another major concern for planning a vacation is dietary restrictions, which can make it difficult to truly travel anywhere in the world without worry. If you need to save money, want to travel and wish to keep it kosher, then continue reading to discover some tips that any frugal kosher traveler needs to know.

Consider a Staycation

While it may not have all of the flare and prestige that a traditional vacation comes with, a staycation can be one great way to enjoy a bit of fun and relaxation – all without breaking the bank or being in an untenable position when it comes to being kosher. You will save tons of money – the majority of what is traditionally associated with a vacation – and will not have to worry about food, accommodations and a variety of other expenses. Additionally, you'll save time in the form of reduced traveling and can spend more time enjoying activities, entertainment and leisure nearby.

Pick an Accommodating Destination

As if saving money wasn't enough of an issue to consider, juggling your diet while on vacation or traveling can be an even bigger struggle. When planning a vacation, be sure to check ahead in advance to see whether or not kosher menus are available at the hotel or accommodation. Additionally, do some research to determine whether or not there are restaurants and other establishments in the area that provide kosher meals. In some cases – like when planning a Passover vacation through a company like Leisure Time Tours– you can rest assured that your meals will match your commitments. However, it is always our responsibility to check ahead of time with local establishments to ensure kosher food is available.

Other Important Tips

Be sure to always pack a few comfort foods and snacks from home for any vacation: this will help you save money and guarantee that you always have some kosher snacks on-hand. For food in particular, be prepared to pay a bit more when on vacation than you might when at home – if you've been frugal when it comes to planning your vacation, this should be easy enough. Consider a trip to Israel, as you'll be able to find relatively low-cost travel packages and never have to worry about kosher selections or availability. When away from home and in unfamiliar areas, consider calling a local synagogue for advice on where to find kosher items in local stores. Always be willing to research any destination ahead of time, and book your flights or hotels in advance (this will save you money).

Anyone who wants to travel should look at saving money as a fun challenge rather than a requirement. Seeking out kosher items while on vacation can be a bit like a scavenger hunt as well, but proper planning will ensure that you can enjoy a low-cost vacation while adhering to your diet.

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